Sarah Morgan

Professional Body Piercer of ten years, Association of Professional Piercers member, Owner/Head Piercer at Black Cat Collective in Perkasie, Pa.

Fritz the Cat

Fritz naps hard. via Instagram

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Helix Piercing by Sarah Morgan in Perkasie, Pa

Olivia’s newest addition to her already stunning ear ♡ A solid Yellow Gold 2.5mm disc from Body Gems in an adorable helix piercing 💥✨ via Instagram

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Nostril Piercing by Sarah Morgan at Black Cat Collective in Perkasie!

The beautiful Bella and her new nostril piercing, a gift for her birthday ♡ via Instagram

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Large gauge Earlobe Piercings by Sarah Morgan in Perkasie, Pa!

Peter is PUMPED on his new 6g earlobe piercings! ♡ Super rad single flared ‘green opalite’ jewelry from our friends at Sleeping Goddess via Instagram

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Association of Professional Piercers Conference 2015 certificate

it was a good mail day ♡ via Instagram

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Septum Piercing by Sarah Morgan at Black Cat Collective in Perkasie, Pa!

S I got to help Heather celebrate her birthday with this simple and beautiful septum piercing ♡ what a knockout 😉 via Instagram

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Threadless Hot Pink Opals by NeoMetal at Black Cat Collective!

these hot pink opals sure would look cool on you 😉 thanks for making the most awesome threadless titanium body jewelry ever, Neometal ♡ via Instagram

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The Haute Ring in Rose Gold with Turquoise, by Buddha Jewelry Organics available in Perkasie, Pa

the ‘Haute’ rose gold and turquoise ornate ring from Buddha Jewelry Organics ♡ available at Black Cat Collective via Instagram

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new business cards for Sarah Morgan, designed by Bob Kerr at Black Cat Collective in Bucks County, Pa!

many thanks to @bobthekerr for my brütal new business cards ♡ via Instagram

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Tragus Piercing by Sarah Morgan at Black Cat Collective in Perkasie, Pa!

a new tragus piercing for a super sweet gal ♡ @neometaljewelry makes such cute little opal cabochons, and black opal is one of my favorites via Instagram

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